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What springs to mind when the term Public Order is put to you? Do you associate it with violent police brutality? A strict regime put in place by the government? Reckless teens causing havoc on your local streets? Drunken punters leaving the pub with one too many? Or does your brain simply go blank because what has public order got to do with you, right? Well, quite frankly public order has a great deal to do with the public, and that definitely includes you!
Public Order is something that everyone should be aware of as it relates to the regulation of all our behaviour while on public property. It refers to how citizens act on any public grounds, think your local supermarket, public park and even the main road by your house! People are expected to act in a suitable manner in line with the environment they find themselves in, and the concept of Public Order is used to ensure this is enforced. Although an Garda Siochana have some responsibility to contain the actions of others, the majority of control rests with the citizens themselves, so act responsibly!
So, what can you do to make sure you aren’t breaching any rules of public order? Well first, know what they are! Public Order offences include the following:

The list goes on and on, educate yourself further on how even you could potentially be breaking the law! Want to know the do’s and don’t’s while on public grounds? Luckily for you, LawEd is here to help, keep reading!

Hang around streets with no real motive to do anything: I know you may want to hang with friends for a bit and have nowhere to go, so meeting outside shops and other buildings might seem like a good idea, however, you are more than likely getting in the way of other people that actually want to run their errands! Be mindful of others and plan to meet friends in a more private setting.
Have one too many before the pub closes: manage your drinks on nights out appropriately! No one likes being a drunken fool when the nights over, in fact, its illegal! Grab your bag of chips and go home! This way you can escape the beer fear and a potential penalty from the guards.

Deal with the guards in a respectful manner: The guards are there to help you and reduce the risk of crime on the streets. If you happen to come into contact with them, keep a cool head and cooperate – you will make life a lot easier for everyone involved!
Educate yourself: Know what’s an offence and what isn’t. As a citizen, it is your duty to know how to behave in public at all times, and even if you’re breaking a law you didn’t know existed, you will still be charged! Not knowing is no excuse, so learn the law.

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