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Educational hub that teaches young people how the law impacts their daily lives.

Are you confused by complex legal terminology? Are your students’ part of the 68% that do not understand their basic rights and responsibilities’? What are your thoughts on how the legal system treats you? Contrary to popular belief, the law is for everyone to understand and work with. Young people have so many questions about the law, but they do not know where to turn to for answers! LawEd is this resource, providing legal literacy to all!

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About Us

LawEd emerged from Kate’s vision and passion to bring the world of law into our classrooms. LawEd’s mission is to educate and lay bare the misconception around our legal world. We instil in them that ignorance of the law is no excuse!

LawEd will convey which law affects you and why. It will also tell you what happens if you break the law.

It will help you understand the law through storytelling of real-life scenarios and cases.


It will answer such questions as;

  • Can I go to jail for cyberbullying?
  • What is image-based violence?
  • What are my rights as a working young person?
  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Is it against the law to fight?
  • What if I damage someone else’s property?
  • Can I have a fake ID?
  • Can I text while driving?
  • I only had one joint that’s ok, right?
  • What happens in a court of law?
  • Are hate crimes a criminal offence?

LawEd tackles all the social issues that directly impact young people today – promoting life skills, legal literacy and social education.

LawEd has created a trusted educational hub for young people to get the answers they desperately seek and need – but not only our young people, this is an incredible resource for management, educators, facilitators, parents and youth leaders.

LawEd breaks down complex legal terminology and fear to help today’s young person equip themselves with essential life skills and most importantly to take accountability of their actions – striving to create social impact and justice through education. LawEd – providing legal literacy to all!

Over the past decade, LawEd has become one of Ireland’s leading providers of law workshops delivered through onsite, virtual and eLearning. Today having worked with over 70,000 students nationwide we are a multi-award-winning educational hub and regarded as a premier provider of law workshops, delivering best-in-class experiences.

LawEd has more than 11 years’ exemplary experience on the people’s side of the profession as educators, trainers and content makers.

We work with

  • Junior cycle students (life skills module)
  • Transition year students, senior cycle students
  • Leaving cert applied (social education programme)
  • LCVP
  • Youthreach
  • Adult education
  • PrisonEd. 

The law is for everyone to understand and work with, not just lawyers!


LawEd has more than 11 years’ exemplary experience on the people side of the profession as educators, trainers and content makers.

We work with transition year students, senior cycle students, leaving cert applied, LCVP, Youthreach, adult education and can also tailor workshops to junior school students (short courses) both online through e-learning courses and classroom based in all aspects of the law.

We have worked with many different types of educational institutions

Our Courses

Our proven courses have been experienced by thousands of students over 11 years.


Our Clients

TY Student

Good Counsel College, New Ross, Co. Wexford
“My favourite in school activity in TY was definitely the Law Module. Our class had this module towards the start of the year with a solicitor who travels around the country giving talks about law and her experiences in the profession and why it would be an interesting career path to go down. It was very informative and I really enjoyed it as it is a career I would be interested in. She gave perspective on how many different types of lawyers there are and how there is many ways to get into the career via different unorthodox routes. This was by far, my favourite in school activity in TY and was very interesting and fun to learn about too”. “My favorite in school activity this year was the Law Module. I really enjoyed this module as I have always have been fairly interested in the law and this module helped me understand the law more whilst at the same time being fun and interesting. The woman who presented the module was very vibrant and interesting and always kept you paying attention just because of the way she presented and kept the module going”.

Michael Connolly

TY Co-ordinator, St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny City.
We have welcomed Kate from LawEd to St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny City for the last number of years to talk to our TY’s. We have large numbers of students in transition year each year (aprox.120 plus) and Kate is always able to accommodate all the students by holding the workshop over a couple of days. We try to get as many speakers to come to the school and talk to our TY’s but the LawEd workshop always resonates with the lads afterwards and this year many students remarked that it was the most interesting workshop of the year. After sitting in on a few of the workshops I can see why they love it so much. The topical and interesting issues that are discussed really grabs your attention and Kate is brilliant at keeping the workshop active and relevant. Thanks again Kate for your dedication and I will look forward to welcoming you again next year.


“The course was facilitated so well by Kate” “I found the road traffic offences extremely relevant as we are all road users and get careless” “Would love a follow up to this course” “I found all aspects of this course so informative and enjoyed coming every Monday night” “Every week I learnt so much especially in relation to Succession and making a Will” “The handouts were fantastic and she was so organised throughout the six weeks” “Such a nice manner” “The piece on squatters right and also Kate simplified words that I’ve been hearing my whole life but never understood” “Simple clear and precise language used at all times by Kate” “It was excellent”

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