Welcome to Law-Ed

LawEd offers a practical, instructive and topical educational and training programmes in all aspects of law ranging from;

  • Interactive Transition Year School Programmes
  • Adult Education Classes
  • Community Education Classes
  • Teachers Seminars
  • Working with Ethnic & Minority Groups
  • Small Businesses and Business Start Up Programmes

Our mission is to lay bare the misconception around our legal world so that each and every person in our Society has an opportunity and the right to gain a fruitful insight into what exactly makes our Country tick.

No law or ordinance is mightier than understandingPlato

We undertake to work parallel with clients requirements to design and develop programmes that respond to the needs of each target group and understand the creation of a lifelong learning skill that can be used to comprehend the challenges that today’s society face.

Guidance in relation to legal career paths whether one chooses the Solicitor route through the Law Society of Ireland or the Barrister route through the Honourable Society of Kings Inns with an online “day in the life” blog of people in the chosen fields is also available.
Full details of all our programmes and seminars are available on request.