Junior Cycle – Short Course

Wellbeing Programme - Life Skills Module.

“The Law & You”

We have created a unique and niche eLearning course for the junior cycle student called ‘The Law & You’.

Under the mandatory wellbeing curriculum, LawEd has created a programme on legal literacy which can be used within the life skills module.

This is self-directed, 21st century learning using cross platform devices.

This course can be run over a 6/10-week period and is suitable and adaptable to all school timetables.

Educators and facilitators will also be provided with access and to workbooks which will enhance learning and debate of this short life skills course.

Educators and facilitators will be updated on students’ progress throughout.

Simple 2-step enrolment process.

LawEd is today one of the premier providers of law workshops having worked now with thousands of students nationwide. We have an exemplary record on the people side of the profession as educators, trainers and content makers.

  • The student will learn through 8 interactive modules and also have a toolkit to hand at all times which will have a glossary of terms, videos, pdf documents for further reading and FAQ’s.
  • The eLearning course is highly interactive using animation, high end graphics, imagery, a virtual town and family and a narrator Professor Kit Woods.
  • They will be asked to engage with a case scenario throughout each module, activation questions which tests their understanding on each topic and also quick takeaways on what they have learnt from each module.
  • At the end of the course, they will be asked to complete a quiz and a Certificate of Achievement will be issued on completion.
  • The student can also participate in deeper learning with pdf documents, options for live webinars and related videos.
  • At all times we can report back to the head teacher/facilitator in charge if a student isn’t participating or completing their online course work.

  • An understanding of the Irish legal system
  • What is democracy
  • An overview of the Irish & EU courts structure
  • What is the difference between civil and criminal law?
  • Criminal law explained
  • Juvenile justice and detention schools
  • The rights of young people
  • Consent, sexual relationships and sexual offences.
  • Young people and related offences such as assault, self-defence, hate crimes
  • Civil law explained including sports law, negligence, trespass, personal injuries
  • Online privacy and social media – coco’s law, cyberbullying, image-based violence, digital footprint, online etiquette

  • Junior cycle students
  • Wellbeing Curriculum – life skills module.

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