Guide to Law for Secondary School Students – English Version

Law is an incredibly diverse and important subject, as it affects almost everything that happens in our lives. From the high-profile criminal court cases, to the silent business takeovers affecting the global economy, to the simple act of buying a chocolate bar, almost all of our daily activities are governed by and related to some aspect of the law.

The great reach of law is neatly summed up by Raymond Wacks in ‘Law: A Very Short Introduction’ (2015): “Your job, your home, your relationships, your very life – and your death – all, and more, are managed, and directed by the law”.

The decision to study law at a higher level is a bold one, and one which should not be made without careful consideration. The study of law can be demanding,
sometimes stressful, and is an arduous process, taking on average 4-8 years before qualification. It requires a high level of dedication and motivation, and in
order to truly succeed you must be willing to work hard and show a sincere willingness to learn. However, if you can successfully demonstrate these traits, you
will find the study of law to be a rich and rewarding education, with an almost limitless set of exciting possibilities!

This guide aims to offer an insight into the law in Ireland, and the different pathways you might follow in order to pursue a profession in it.

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