St. Josephs Secondary School & St. Fintans CBS Doon, Co. Limerick


“I thought this course was one of the most interesting things we did this year”

“Brilliant course”

“Very interesting, I learned about loads of things I never even heard of before. The stories were totally captivating and interesting”

“The course totally opened up my mind to studying law”

“The day flew and we didn’t stay on anything for too long”

“Have a longer course than just one day because it was brilliant”

“I thought we covered lots of different aspects which was really good”

“So much fun however I learned so much”

“It was amazing, really interesting and very different to other courses, serious but yet such fun”

“I really enjoyed acting out the court case”

Presentation Secondary School, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

“I found the stories kept the course so interesting”

“Kate was so nice and interacted so well with the class”

“It was really educational”

“I felt totally at ease in the class and could give my opinion on anything”

“I’m now considering law as a career option”

“Very interesting and loved the whole day”

“I loved learning about the court and who work in it”

“Everyone got to participate”

“I would definitely recommend this course it was so enjoyable and a great learning experience”

“I didn’t loose my concentration once throughout the whole day”

“Facts about criminal law so interesting and juvenile records”

“The topic on social networking opened up my eyes to the dangers of the internet”

“I thought it was excellent and loved the mock trial”

Pobail Orsai Kilkenny City

“It was so interactive never got bored”

“Everyone had a chance to speak and I spoke more than I ever did in a class”

“Interesting and she was very knowledgeable on each topic”

“Such a good experience”

“Id love to be a Solicitor”

“Social networking was my favourite topic”

“Reality of what happens to underage offenders”

“It was so different but in a very positive way”

“I loved acting out the courtroom scene”

“I really enjoyed the part where the law affects me because it’s so relevant to me”

“Everything covered today was so interesting. It was educational however so much fun”

“I have gained a better insight into law and what’s right and wrong”

“She was very thorough and such a nice manner with us”


Rockwell College, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

“Very relevant to our age group”

“Facebook piece was really good”

“I learned alot and had great fun throughout the day”

“She gave everyone a chance to speak”

“I loved the court case as it got me using my acting and legal knowledge!”

“The reality of prison life in Ireland”

“Covered all aspects of Irish law that interests me”

“Please come back and do another day”

“So interesting I have way more knowledge of the law”

“I loved the part on privacy and facebook especially”

“It gave me a great insight into studying law”

“She was so inclusive and nice”

“Loved talking about real life cases”

“I found all the content very relevant to my age group”

St. Josephs CBS Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

“Very interesting, fun”

“Learnt loads about the danger around social networking”

“The courtroom was very interesting to hear about”

“Course is perfect the way it is”

“So much was covered however all in depth I felt”

“I loved hearing stories from the media”

“It was well structured and informative”

“Now considering a legal career”

“Everything was A1”

“So much teenager related issues”

“Felt totally at ease when talking even though it was a visiting speaker”

“The course was amazing would totally recommend it to anyone”

“Prison life and to see what it’s like”

“It was brilliant and so much fun”

Our Lady of Lourdes, New Ross, Co. Wexford

“Social networking I now understand the dangers”

“It was so interesting and informative”

“I loved the criminal law section”

“I got a good understanding about the law and what would happen in different circumstances”

“So enjoyable and educational”

“The acting in mock trial was what I loved the most”

“Learnt so much about my rights and safety on the internet”

“Fantastic best course we have done”

“I wish we had Kate for two days”

“The different types of punishments were so interesting to hear about and I learnt so much form the whole day”

“I feel I know so much about the legal system now”

“Thinking of law as a degree course after this”

“I never concentrated so much in a school day”

“I think every student should have to do this course”

“I learnt alot and it would make me think twice about doing something bad”

“It made me realise the consequences of misbehaving”


Ursuline Convent, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

“Gave me a great understanding about law”

“I really enjoyed how the court runs and who works in the court house”

“So informative and a real laugh”

“Loved the stories and the way she interacted with us”

“Best course we have done so far”

“So interesting and educational and everyone got involved”

“I want to be a Barrister after today”

“The acting part was great we had so much fun and I loved wearing the wig”

“The career advice was great as I didn’t realise how long it takes to qualify to be a Solicitor”

“It was unreal, I actually learnt so much and really learnt how the applies to me everyday”

“Always open conversations everyone in the class got a chance”

“Social networking topic was really interesting and scary as I’m always on it”

“You really boosted my confidence when I was acting in the trial, thank you”


Loreto Secondary School, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

“It dealt with issue that I found so appropriate to life and didn’t know before”

“I think maybe I talked too much, so good”

“The best part was the mock court at the end”

“Looking at criminal law was so interesting”

“Awesome and such a laugh”


“Had no idea before today how out legal system worked”

“I would recommend this course to every school”

“It was really well thought course, I learned loads”

“Prisoners daily routine was fascinating”

“Listening to the civil cases was fascinating”

“I was not bored at all, loved it”

“She backed everything up with examples and stories and this made it so interesting”

“It really helped me in thinking about my future career choice and this is exactly why I did TY”

“I thought law would be so boring but my mind has been totally changed”

“Everything was just fantastic and Kate was so nice to us”