Student Testimonials

“I found LawEd to be one of the best days in our TY programme. It was the total opposite to what I expected in the best way possible. I imagined it would be heavy facts learning about law and the legal system but it was taught in a way in which we as teenagers all understood and we did topics we were interested in.

Our tutor for the day also asked us for our opinion and gave us the option of choosing what we studied which I thought made us even more interested and engaged. We learned about law that affects us as teenage girls which is not only extremely beneficial but also very interesting and relevant. We don’t get this opportunity anywhere else so it's so important to do it. I found the worksheets we did not just suitable but really fun and we learned even more from doing them.

We discussed everything we learned about and everyone's opinion was accepted. It was a total safe space when we discussed controversial laws and talked about basically things, we as teenagers have experienced in relation to law. I felt as though we were treated as adults for the day and our concerns and questions we had were answered, nobody was wrong. I myself learned things I probably never would have and left with so much more knowledge and love for law.

It really opened my eyes to careers I didn’t even know existed and a lot of my peers felt the same. Even getting to role play a court case at the end was educating but so much fun and a great finish. Overall, I think the programme educates us on things relevant in our lives, we had fun doing it and were heard for our opinions and comments on law after learning so much more than we ever thought we would”.

TY Student
Presentation Secondary School Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

“My favourite in school activity in TY was definitely the Law Module. Our class had this module towards the start of the year with a solicitor who travels around the country giving talks about law and her experiences in the profession and why it would be an interesting career path to go down. It was very informative and I really enjoyed it as it is a career I would be interested in. She gave perspective on how many different types of lawyers there are and how there is many ways to get into the career via different unorthodox routes. This was by far, my favourite in school activity in TY and was very interesting and fun to learn about too”.

“The Law Module was an open, honest and surprisingly entertaining discussion on many aspects of the law”.

“My favorite in school activity this year was the Law Module. I really enjoyed this module as I have always have been fairly interested in the law and this module helped me understand the law more whilst at the same time being fun and interesting. The woman who presented the module was very vibrant and interesting and always kept you paying attention just because of the way she presented and kept the module going”.

TY Student reviews
Good Counsel College, New Ross, Co. Wexford

Kate's Law Days are "brilliant", "educational", " really enjoyable" and "you learn loads" according to our TY's and as a result of this they are one of the first things on our TY calendar year after year. As a Coordinator I have been dealing with Kate for over 10 years and the service she provides is excellent.

TY Student
Borrisokane Vocational School, Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary.

Teacher Testimonials

To say that our TY students were entirely and wholeheartedly engaged during their LawEd workshop with Kate, would be an understatement. They were actively encouraged to consider the law in a way that they had not done before - in terms of its relevance to themselves. It forced them to consider rights, responsibilities and consequences in all elements of the module and they were eager to question and debate in what was a very encouraging and open environment, created by Kate. It also resulted in some of our students considering the possibility of law as a career, where before they might not have done so. The LawEd module is for us a staple of the RCS TY programme and will continue to be into the future.

Louise Walsh
TY Co-ordinator Ramsgrange Community School, Ramsgrange, Co. Wexford.

We have had LawEd workshops for our Transition Year students for many years. Every year, without exception, it has proven to be students’ favourite workshop and highlight of the year. Kate’s passion and enthusiasm in her delivery of the LawEd workshop maintains student engagement throughout the day. The fun, interactive programme is enjoyed by all and students emerge from the day’s session beaming with smiles and confidence. The mock trial at the workshop’s conclusion is educational, confidence building and highly entertaining. LawEd workshop always earns a 5 star rating in students’ portfolio reflections. We look forward to participating in LawEd workshops for many years to come

Annette Flanagan
TY Co-ordinator Ursuline Secondary School, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

LawEd’s TY law module has been a regular and highly valued part of our TY curriculum over many years. 5 Stars all around for professionalism, course content, engagement from students and fun. While it is the high profile cases and mock trial that grabs their attention it is their own social media use that spurs their action. "I've changed all my passwords", "Brilliant", "Best thing we did all year" some of the comments from this year's group. Looking forward to having LawEd back again next year.

Mary Pat Pilkington
TY Co-Ordinator Our Lady of Lourdes, New Ross, Co. Wexford.

Kate has been delivering the LawEd Programme to our TY students for almost 10 years. Such is its popularity that it has become a significant part of our TY Programme. Kate is highly professional in her approach but what stands out each year is her ability to engage the boys through her warm, friendly manner and her ability to deliver her material in a language they understand.
She brings the law into the classroom showing the students how important it is to know and appreciate the legal system applying it to all aspects of their lives. The students are continually fascinated by her many anecdotes and real-life examples of the legal system in action.
Participation in the LawEd workshop leaves the students thinking about how the law is relevant to their own lives and leaves some considering a possible career in the legal profession. The highlight of the day is the Mock Trial which gives the students the opportunity to express themselves in a fun way.
I would absolutely recommend the LawEd workshop as part of any TY Programme. Every part of it resonates with the students leaving them with lots to think and talk about afterwards.
It’s certainly a highlight of our TY Programme and I look forward to welcoming Kate back to Thurles CBS again next year

Mary Lloyd
TY Co-ordinator, CBS, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

We have welcomed Kate from LawEd to St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny City for the last number of years to talk to our TY’s. We have large numbers of students in transition year each year (aprox.120 plus) and Kate is always able to accommodate all the students by holding the workshop over a couple of days. We try to get as many speakers to come to the school and talk to our TY’s but the LawEd workshop always resonates with the lads afterwards and this year many students remarked that it was the most interesting workshop of the year. After sitting in on a few of the workshops I can see why they love it so much. The topical and interesting issues that are discussed really grabs your attention and Kate is brilliant at keeping the workshop active and relevant. Thanks again Kate for your dedication and I will look forward to welcoming you again next year.

Michael Connolly
TY Co-ordinator, St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny City.

Adult Workshop Testimonials

“The course was facilitated so well by Kate”

“I found the road traffic offences extremely relevant as we are all road users and get careless”

“Would love a follow up to this course”

“I found all aspects of this course so informative and enjoyed coming every Monday night”

“Every week I learnt so much especially in relation to Succession and making a Will”

“The handouts were fantastic and she was so organised throughout the six weeks”

“Such a nice manner”

“The piece on squatters right and also Kate simplified words that I’ve been hearing my whole life but never understood”

“Simple clear and precise language used at all times by Kate”

“It was excellent”


“This course takes the fear I have of Solicitors away”
“Will not be afraid to ask the pertinent questions again”
“Came away with a grounding knowledge of my legal rights”
“A follow on course would be great”
“Kate was excellent in her presentation skills and on delivering the topics each week”
“So approachable and sensitive with information”
“Would love Kate to run a course on Family Law she had such knowledge on it”
“Amazed at the new laws on Civil Partnerships”
“I loved the glossary of terms which was given out on the first night”
“Pitfalls to making a will so interesting and relevant to every single person”
“It was the first course that I didn’t miss any night”
“Kate was excellent, well prepared and approachable”

Glenbrohane Community Group
Co. Limerick

“I found the lecture on family law fantastic”
“I would love to attend any other lecture Kate does in this area”
“Very useful information for landlords and tenants”
“I am far more aware of my rights as a consumer and would have no hesitation in carrying them out”
“Sales and your rights was so informative as I never knew where I stood with sale items”
“All session were very beneficial especially wills and land registry”
“Finally know how to read my folio and file plan”
“Never knew what the small claims court did she delivered this information fantastically”

Glenroe Women’s Group
Glenroe, Co. Limerick

“The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the lady presenting it and her lovely manner”
“Would love to see the course extended”
“Never thought a Solicitor could be so friendly”
“Tutor was excellent, amazing at explaining things”
“All the topics were very relevant to my daily life “
“Presented so well and very thorough in her notes”
“I found the driving offences and procedures most relevant”
“The piece on personal injuries was most interesting”
“The law is such a complex subject however Kate made it so uncomplicated”
“Her own personal stories and experiences were fantastic plus she always opened the floor for anyone to tell their storey”
“Any question I ever put to her was answered with such ease”
“I would love a follow up course”
“Flights and your rights topic very interesting and so apt in today’s aviation climate”
“Very patient tutor and listened very carefully to everyone”
“If anyone else would like to do this course I would advise them to do it definitely, I learnt so much”
“Could not miss a session”
“Invaluable learning experience for me”
“Great to see Grandparents rights covered for custody and guardianship”

Bagenalstown Women’s Group
Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow