LawEd endeavours to bring the area of law into our classrooms. The aim of any Transition Year Programme is to offer students a broad educational background with a view to the attainment of increased maturity, confidence and reasoning skills.

This course strives to show that the law provides for and regulates so many things that it is often taken for granted in areas such as, the houses we live in, the transport we use to more substantial matters such as the protection of the family, employment and consumer rights. In short the law is a positive force in society and one which we hope to bring to the forefront of students minds and attention.


  • Knowledge and the appreciation of our legal system will help students to develop their identity as citizens of Ireland whilst also gaining a fruitful insight and understanding of the democracy in which we live.
  • Clear verbal, listening and written communication skills are an essential element of law and therefore the students will gain presentation skills and the ability to communicate effectively information they have gathered.
  • They will develop an analytical enquiring mind with the ability to draw out key issues from a collection of material. Along with an aptitude to solve problems in a practical way.
  • They will gain skills such as reasoning, objective decision making, clarity and confidence, along with advocacy skills which shall enhance their self-motivation.
  • Patience, close attention to detail and strong organisational skills.
  • Autonomy and the ability to learn.
  • They will learn the basics of their Consumer Rights, Employment Rights and the law in relation to Road Traffic Offences, Alcohol and Drug Abuse.


  • What is the law?
  • Where do laws come from?
  • Understanding our Courts system?
  • Who’s who in the Courtroom?
  • The role of the Judge
  • Differences between a Solicitor and Barrister and the route to qualifying
  • What other jobs are created as a result of our legal system
  • Fundamental rights and references to our constitutional framework
  • The burden of proof for Criminal/Civil Cases
  • Staging a Mock Trial as a court room activity
  • Examination and Cross-Examination of a Witness
  • Criminal Law
  • Consumer Law and your rights
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Employment Law and your rights
  • Alcohol and Substance abuse and the effects on Society

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