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E-learning interactive course “The Law Uncovered”


LawEd has designed and created a one of its kind e-learning course “The Law Uncovered” aimed at today’s teenager and young adult. A young person’s understanding and engagement with the law is our core objective. Our motto is everyone needs to know the law not just lawyers!

We anticipate and believe that if we learn law young, we will have a less contentious and more democratic society.

All students today should learn how the legal process works and their rights, just as they learn other comprehension and reasoning skills in school.

Law is virtually never taught in the Irish education system other than to aspiring lawyers.

Giving students a legal education involves teaching them how a simple prank or careless act can now have a huge impact on their future. Be that getting a criminal record, serving prison time, their social media footprint and the implications and prospects of securing employment to name but a few.

This course will guide them through extremely relevant age friendly content as set out below which will in hand help them in all aspects of their lives. The decisions they make today can have a huge impact on their future lives and we aim to educate our young people around all areas of the law to give them a brighter future.

LawEd’s experience of over a decade working with young people means we know that there is a huge appetite for knowledge around the law from our youths. Be it their understanding of the criminal system, the age of criminal responsibility, explicit images, cyberbullying, age of consent for sexual relationships, rights of young people, the prison system and juvenile justice to name but a few.

How will the e-learning course work?

This e-learning course will deliver the content through a virtual interactive format where the student will be engaging throughout by using case scenarios, multiple choice questions, videos, webinars and a narrator.

How will the student learn?

  • The student will learn through 8 interactive modules and also have a toolkit to hand at all times which will have a glossary of terms, videos, webinars, pdf documents and FAQ’s.
  • The e-learning course is highly interactive using animation, high end graphics, imagery, a virtual town and family and a narrator Professor Kit Woods.
  • They will be asked to engage with a case scenario throughout each module, activation questions which tests their understanding on each topic and also quick takeaways on what they have learnt from each module.
  • At the end of the course they will be asked to complete a quiz and a Certificate of Achievement will be issued on completion.
  • The student can also participate in deeper learning with pdf documents, options for live webinars and related videos.
  • At all times we can report back to the head teacher/adult in charge if a student isn’t participating or completing their online course work.

What will the student learn?

  • An understanding of the Irish legal system
  • An overview of the Irish courts structure both civil and criminal
  • Criminal law explained
  • Juvenile justice and detention schools
  • The rights of young people
  • Juveniles and related offences such as assault, self-defence, hate crimes
  • Civil law explained including sports law, negligence, trespass, personal injuries
  • Online privacy and social media
  • Studying law and the different career options withing the legal setting

Who is the course for?

  • Transition year students
  • Leaving certificate applied students
  • LCVP students
  • Junior cycle (short course) students
  • Youthreach learners
  • Senior students with an interest in the future study in third level or a career in the legal field.